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Aaron Penner after the Franco Run at High Park
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Established Sept. 29, 2002 by Aaron Penner
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In an effort to keep this site relevant and up-to-date, I am going to try and get new information about Colorado Fourtneers as well as new information about the activities that I am doing in Toronto. It seems like just yesterday that I moved to Toronto, but it is really becoming my home as you might notice with all the new trip content for the areas around Ontario (Bruce Peninsula).

Over the past couple of years I have been asked to help out with some other web related projects. So besides this site, some of my others are and The fair trade site promoted a yearly festival which sold items from Ten Thousand Villages for the Christmas holiday season. The site has been shutdown because the members of the annual festival felt that TTV was flourishing in the Toronto area and festival was no longer needed to help promote the Toronto stores. As for the tumc site, a new site was created using Joomla. This site is used to help both visitors and members keep up to date with the activities going on at the church.

Adding a couple comments about the RockCairn site, it could be said that I will continue to experiment with ways in which to use php to add more functionality to the site. A couple of recent additions include a search tool for presenting custom/random slideshows using the large number of photos currently accessible on this site. Another, uses google maps to help provide a spacial view of how the Colorado fourteeners are arranged as well as links to the various reports. The next bit of functionality that I plan to look into is, to make the site a bit more responsive to mobile devises.

As I find time, the content within the Colorado fourtneers trip reports will be getting a bit of cleanup. I plan to go back through the reports with my climbing diary and fill out the details a bit more. I would like to use a tab layout on the 14ner pages; separating out the personal trip report information from the climber specific details.

If you like this site's style, checkout the resources that I used to make the pages in my web design section.

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