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Project Updates: converted to css layout (dropped tables) (Nov. 2011)
(Mar. 2007)
University of Colorado at Denver (1998-2000)
Tabor College (1993-1997)

The latest work that I have done on this site is to update the main layout and drop the tables that use to control the head, left-nav, body-column, and footer sections. The new layout takes advantage of css and floating div tags. Another style change that was implemented was to drop the old tiered bolder widths to get a rounded corner effect and just simply use (border-radius). The backend for this site is handled by php, which is used for the feedback and guest book pages as well as some of the slideshows.

I relocated to Toronto over five years ago where I have been continuing my career as a Software Engineer. I accompanied my wife to Toronto where she is pursuing a PhD and I am solving new problems using my programming skills. I am currently in my third job in the Toronto area; working for Intelliware Developement Inc. As for recent front end UI work I have been using Hippo cms and freemarker, but I have also done Struts 2 and JSP, Rich Faces (a JSF framework), and eclipse SWT.

In the past couple of years I have been doing a lot of work with web services including XFire/CXF, Axis1.X/Axis2.X, and REST frameworks. I have also had the opportunity to become very familiar with Spring, Hibernate, JMS, EJBs, JBoss JBPM, SWT, JSF, Rich-Faces and many other technologies. In my own personal work I have been working to use more Ruby, Rails, PHP and other languages easily developed and deployed in a LAMP environment.


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