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Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year
Family picture from Easter
(Easter, 2012)

This year has been both challenging and trying. I have been afforded the opportunity to take a larger part in the my company's upfront work to acquire new clients. I have worked on a number of RFPs (request for proposals) as well as been the technical expert in the room when delivering roadmaps. Courtney has had the challenge of writing a couple new chapters in her dissertation work. You might remember last years card that spoke of completing the PhD work in September 2012, well that has not happened, but work continues. And G has had the challenge of growing up, asserting himself, and figuring out his boundaries. G has also been the trying part, as far as trying our patients, trying to see what he can get away with, and trying to be a bit more independent.

Our trips for the year:
Denver in February,
New Orleans in June,
Rochester in August,
and Montreal in September.
Website enhancements:
Google map integration improvements
jquery datatable
php, ajax, jquery photography slideshow search
Many SEO optimizations

Wishing you the best this next year.

Aaron, Courtney, and G.