Beamsville, Ontario
Aaron and Courtney at Dillons Distillers Beamsville Ontario
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Personal Trips:
Glenwood Springs, Colorado (Jul. 10, 2013)
Denver, Colorado (Jul. 4, 2013)
Walt Disney World (Jun. 30, 2013)
Montreal, Quebec (Sep. 7, 2012)
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Personal Description
I am married to a wonderful women, Courtney Cauthon.
I am a Software Engineering, designing and implementing solutions for the web.
I received my Masters Degree in Computer Science from CU-Denver in 2000.
I am easy going, adventurous, and fascinated with technology.
I am a media lover; I love to over load my senses with Audio and Visual input.
I love physical exertion found in outdoor sports.
I have permanent marker on my shoulder commemorating my accomplishment of climbing all Colorado Fourteeners.
I am an urbanite home owner living in a condo in downtown Toronto with my wife.
As a couple we are DIDWK, (Dual Income, with Dissertation, with Kids).
I am a kind person with a lot of tolerance, but get weary of one dimensional people, people who show a lack of bettering themselves, and people who are not able to learn from their mistakes.
Biographical Timeline
1975 Born in Denver, Colorado.

'91 Jun-July road the Colorado Trail on Mtn. Bike from Denver to Monarch Pass.

'93 Graduated from Columbine High School in Littleton, CO.

'92-'95 Summers: Construction Companies
Maranatha Construction Company
Calcon Constructors
Nicholas Construction, Inc.

'93-'97 Co-Ed Yell leader for Tabor Men's Basketball.

'96 Summer: worked for RHI in Denver, Contracting to IBM in Chicago.

'97 Graduated from Tabor College in Hillsboro, KS.
    (BA. Computer Science and Mathematics) Schools

'97 Moved to Aurora, CO.

'97-'00 Worked as a Software Engineer for TRW in Aurora, CO.

'99 June living in Parker, CO.  House

'00-'05 Worked as a Software Engineer for Cendant RTS Online group
    (, Travel Portal,, Trip Network, Inc)

'00 Dec. Graduated from CU Denver.
    (MS. Computer Science and Engineering) Schools

'04 Nov. 6th. I was married to Courtney Cauthon a Performance Studies Major (MA) from NYU.

'05-'06 Employed at GetConnected, Inc as Senior Software Engineer.

'06 Aug. Moved to Toronto, Ontario and living in a Condo downtown with my wife who is attending the University of Toronto in pursuit of a PhD in Drama.

'06-'07 Worked as a Senior Software Designer at Sockeye Solutions in Toronto, Ontario.

'07-'08 Employed at Blast Radius (Toronto, Ontario) as a Senior Developer.

'08-present Employed at Intelliware (Toronto, Ontario) as a Senior Developer | Team Lead.

'10 Mar. Became a parent.

'13 Mar. Became a parent again.

'13 May My Wife successfuly defended her PhD Dessertation.


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