Computer Professional Library

Some of the books I have read in my professional career field.

(A-L) (M-Z)

Book Cover Book Name Five Star Rating
Pragmatic Project Automation book cover CLARK, Mike
Pragmatic Project Automation
Still working on completing.
Introduction to Algorithms book cover Thomas H. CORMEN, Charles E. Leserson, Ronald L. Rivest
Introduction to Algorithms
Awesome Algorithms Book, the definative book.
Thinking In Java book cover ECKEL, Bruce
Thinking In Java
This is a great book that teaches you how to program not just hack.
JAVA Distrubuted Computing book cover FARLEY, Jim
JAVA Distrubuted Computing
A good book for its topic.
UNIX in a Nutshell book cover GILLY, Daniel
UNIX in a Nutshell
Great Reference Book.
Pragmatic Unit Testing book cover Andrew HUNT and Dave Thomas
Pragmatic Unit Testing
A very useful and straight forward look at Unit Testing. Most of the examples are Java specific, however there concept transcend all programming languages..
The C Programming Language book cover Brian W. KERNIGHAN and Dennis M. Ritchie
The C Programming Language
"C is not a big language, and it is not well served by a big book."