On Grays Summit with Torreys in the background
(Picture taken on Grays Summit with Torreys in the background)


Quandary Peak Elevation 14,270ft. (Jun. 30, 2002) "East Slopes" trail from Monte Cristo TH. Form the TH this classic class 1 route runs  (5.4 miles round trip with 3,370ft. gain). This trip was going to be car camping adventure however with the forest fires this summer and my families time chare condo available...I decided to use the condo. The trail up to the peak was changes this passed year and the trail now take advantage of more rocks, I am guessing this saves the vegetation. Because the trail travels over more rock my feet and stabilizer muscles got a little tired. see this trip page.

Grays and Torreys Peaks Elevation Grays 14,279ft. Torreys 14,272ft. (Jul. 1, 2002) "East Slopes" trail combo from Horseshoe Basin TH. From the TH I climbed the East slopes trail with a slight variation. This class 2 with some class 3 trail runs (6.4 miles rt. with 4,112ft. gain). The dirt road to the TH is not too bad however it took longer to drive it then I had expected. The class 3 climb I did was pretty hairy but I found a better way down on the way back. see this trip page.

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Trip Schedule break down

Saturday 3:00PM Arrive at Wildernes time share condo in Silverthorne Co.
Sunday 5:50AM -arrive at Monte Cristo TH 7 miles south of Breckenridge CO.
  6:00AM -leave TH.
  8:00AM -arrive at Quandary Peak. East Slopes II Class 1 climb.
  9:45AM -back at TH
  10:30AM -take Pictures of Quandary Peak from Blue Lake TH
Monday 5:20AM -arrive at Horseshoe Baisn (A.K.A. Argentine Pass TH) 9 miles East of Keystone CO. The trail head was after a 4 mile drive down Montezuma Rd and 4.7 miles of rough two wheel drive rd.
  5:30AM -leave TH
  7:45AM -arrive at Grays Peak Summit. Northeast Couloir II, class 3 climb. This was not the intended route but the outcome was great views from the walk along the Northeast ridge passing the Lost Rat Couloir. The trail guide  indicates to use the grassy East Slopes trial, however trail use shows many people using a couloir on the north side of Horseshoe Basin to gain access to Grays's Northeast Ridge.
  8:30AM -arrive at Torreys Peak Summit. Torreys South Slopes II, Class 2 through the saddle between Grays and Torreys Peaks.
  8:40AM -pass Mountain Goat mother with her young.
  9:15AM -arrive back at Grays Peak Summit. Grays North Slopes II, Class 2 through the saddle between Grays and Torreys Peaks.
  11:10AM -arrive back at TH via Grays East Slopes II, Class 2 trail. (This was in a choice not to down climb a Class 3)