Mount of the Holy Cross as seen from Half Moon Pass
(This is the view that Mike Clark (Brother-in-law) and I came upon as our first real glimpse of the peak on our trip to Mount Holy Cross during the second weekend of Aug (1999))


Mount of the Holy Cross Elevation 14,012ft. (Aug. 8, 1999) "North Ridge" trail. Failed to climb.
This trip started out as just a backpacking trip and then turned into a chance to summit Mount of the Holy Cross. We spent three days and two nights in this area backpacking around and enjoying the outdoors.
Directions to Mount of the Holy Cross
The Full Back Packing Trip Summary

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Trip Schedule break down

Friday 10:30AM -leave home (I-70 to Vail, south to Minturn)
  1:00PM -arrive at Half Moon TH.
  4:00PM -arrive at Lake Constantine by taking the Fall Creek Trail.
  4:45PM -Visit a waterfall down stream from the lake.
Saturday Morning -Breakfast pack up and back to TH.
  Afternoon -from the TH taking the Half Moon Trail we ascended to Half Moon Pass and down into East Creak valley.
  Night -setup camp on the west side of East Creek.
Sunday 5:00AM -left East Creak camps site and headed up Mount of the Holy Cross.
  7:00AM -arrived at 13,200 ft. on a ridge probably 1.5hrs from the summit and turned around.
  10:30PM -back at camp site packed up and headed back to TH.
  12:00PM -back a the TH heading back to Denver.
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