Travel west on I-70 to Exit 171 for Minturn and Hwy 24. Exit here and turn right onto Hwy 24.


NORTH TRAILHEAD, proceed about 4 miles, passing through Minturn, to Tigiwon  Road #707. Turn right onto Tigiwon Road and continue to the end - 8 miles of rough dirt road, park at the parking area at the end of the road.

SOUTH TRAILHEAD, proceed 12 miles on Hwy 24 to Homestake Road # 703. Turn right and travel 8 miles on Homestake Road to the Holy Cross City jeep road # 759, park here and walk about 2 miles up the road to the trailhead. NOTE: this jeep road is very rough and should not be attempted unless you have a 4 wheel drive with a winch.

LENGTH: 9 miles, trailhead to trailhead.


DIFFICULTY: More Difficult

AMOUNT OF USE: Moderate to high.

ELEVATION GAIN: No. trailhead: 2,200 ft in 6 miles So. trailhead: 1,400ft in 3 miles

USGS MAP(S): Mt. of the Holy Cross, Minturn.

RECOMMENDED SEASON: Late June through September

NORTH TRAILHEAD: 10,320 ft. At the end of Tigiwon Road. (There are 2
trailheads here, make sure you start at
Fall Creek).

SOUTH TRAILHEAD: 11,000 ft. Off Holy Cross City Jeep Road 0759.


From the North Trailhead, the trail climbs gradually to Lake Constantine. After crossing Fall Creek, the trail climbs abruptly to the alpine meadows below Fall Creek pass. Over the pass, the trail drops down to the Sever Sisters Lakes and then to Hunky-dory Lake before intersecting the Holy Cross City Jeep Road. It's another 2 miles down to Homestake Road 0703.

The middle portion of the trail, from Lake Constantine to Hunky Dory Lake, is less traveled. However, Lake Constantine and Hunky Dory Lake are heavily visited by day hikers.

The stair step arrangement of the Seven Sisters Lakes and the towering rock  cliffs around them offers rugged alpine scenery for hikers who venture farther.

Many side trips can be taken from this trail such as Notch Mountain, Tuhare Lakes and Holy Cross City site.