For the trip (what I have):
Tent   -2.5 large person tent with vestibule for pack storage.
Sleeping bags -2, one long bag for me and one reg. for you. I can even fit the reg. size bag.
Back packs -2, one internal frame pack for me and one external frame pack for you.
Sleeping pad -One thermarest for me and one other type possibly for you but no guarantees.
Cooking -You name it I have probably two of them at least.
Stove - One Peak, Colman pack stove.
Bottles - for water use, 2*Nalgene, one collapsible water carrier for campsite use you may want to bring some type of water bottles for on the trail use.
Boots  -I have a good pair of hard leather and nylon boots, and you may have a pair or you may want to buy a pair.  Make sure they are broken-in before a serious hike.
Clothes -I am sure you have something you can ware, but remember loose pants or shorts (camo pants work well), and fleece jackets, and a water proof shell.
Flash lights -several
Need to get:
First need 
-Water purifier, I have been wanting to get one for a while $75. This will be for straight river water to drinking water, no bacteria and grit.

Dried vegetables for rice
Macceroi, or usually any type of out-of-the-box dried food item.
Any dried beef jerky you can make.
Etc. I will see what you want to bring.

matches, sunglasses, hat, bug spray, sun screen, compass, map, knife, camera,
fishing pole? (I tried the last time I was there with no success though).

Well, I know I got off into a number of items but I just got onto a roll.
I guess I am a little excited about the adventure.

Have a good weekend.