Summit of Mount Bierstadt
(Summit of Mount Bierstadt: Mike, Ralean, Me)


Mount Bierstadt Elevation 14,065ft. (Jul. 29, 2000) "West Slopes" trail
After the previous years disappointment I decided to tackle another 14er and won. I climbed this one with a few friends. I showed up at the trial head planning to climb alone, but when I arrived I found a couple of  friends from work and decide to climb with them. I could have climbed the peak faster but I spent and hour at the top waiting for our slowest climbing party member. On the top I was hoping for better views but it ended up being blurred by the smoke from a forest fires. This peak is just to the southwest of Mount Evens and is reached by driving the Guenila Pass road which climbs up from the west side of Georgetown.

One other picture: From the top down to the truck

Trip Schedule break down

Saturday 6:00AM -left the house.
  7:30AM -leave the TH.
  9:30AM -summit Mount Bierstadt.
    -wait for one party member 1hr.
  11:30AM -back at the TH.
  1:00PM -back at home.