Mount Bierstadt from TH parking lot
(Mount Bierstadt from the TH parking lot)


Mount Bierstadt Elevation 14,065ft. (Aug. 3, 2020) "West Slopes" trail
After 2 decades I decided to return to this 14er. It was Courtney's first climbed of this 14ner. We got our kids setup with childcare and headed for the Tread-head on a day off from work. This peak is just to the southwest of Mount Evens and is reached by driving the Guenila Pass road which climbs up from the west side of Georgetown. For our post climb celebration we headed down to the Bierstadt Lagerhuas in Georgetown.

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Trip Schedule break down

Monday 6:45AM -left the house.
  8:27AM -leave the TH.
  10:50AM -summit Mount Bierstadt.
  12:51PM -back at the TH.
  2:00PM -Bierstadt Lagerhaus.