New York City Trip Nov.26 - Dec.1, 2003

Charile Brown and the football ballons at the Macy's Thanksgivings Day Parade

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Trip Schedule break down

Wednesday 12:30PM -Leave Denver.
  5:45PM -Arrive in NYC.
Thursday 8:00AM -Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  12:30PM -Thanksgiving meal out on Long Island.
Friday 10:00AM -Shopping & Grand Central Terminal.
  6:00PM -Supper with Amanda & Jason.
Saturday 10:00AM -Stand in line for play tickets.
  11:30AM -Metropolitan Art Museum.
  6:00PM -"Take Me Out" play.
  9:30PM -O'Flaherty's Pub
Sunday 10:30AM -Church.
  12:30PM -Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.
  5:30PM -Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center.
  7:30PM -Citarella's for supper.
  9:30PM -Empire State Building.
Monday 6:05AM -Leave NYC.
  8:17PM -Arrive back in Denver..