New York City Trip May 12-16, 2004

Outside Lola Gospel Brunch

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Trip Schedule break down

Wednesday 3:00PM -Leave Denver.
  8:40PM -Arrive in NYC.
Thursday 10:00AM -NYU Graduation at Washington Square Park.
  3:00PM -Graduation Party.
  7:00PM -Dinner at Roy's of New York City.
  9:00PM -Drinks at the Rise Bar, Ritz Carlton Battery Park.
Friday 10:00AM -Moving out of 99 John St.
  6:00PM -Dinner at Johns Pizzeria.
  8:00PM -42nd Street, Show at the Ford Center Theater.
Saturday 9:00AM -Bagels in the park, Washington Square Park.
  2:20PM -Penn Station to Long Island.
  3:00PM -Graduation Party and Lynn and Peter Peck's.
  9:30PM -Drink back in the city with friends.
Sunday 10:30AM -Church as Saint Marks.
  12:30PM -Lola Gospel Brunch.
  5:30PM -Leave NYC.
  8:40PM -Back in Denver.