Mazatlan, Mexico Trip Feb. 14 - 24, 2009

Park in downtown Mazatlan

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Trip Schedule break down

Saturday 8:50AM -Leave Toronto and head to Denver.
Sunday   -Day in Denver.
Monday   -Day in Denver.
Tuesday 9:55AM -Leave Denver and travel to Mazatlan (miles with Frontier Airlines).
  3:35PM -Arrive in MZT and van transport to Hotel la Playa Mazatlan, visit to the Mega Mart for Breakfast, dinner at Joe-Joes
Wednesday   -Day on the Beach, and a hat from Henry, dinner at Jungle Juice.
Thursday   -Walk along the Malecon to downtown Mazatlan, water taxi to Stone Island for the day, and dinner at the Shrimp Factory in the evening.
Friday   -Sand Castle day, check out more of downtown Mazatlan and the sea wall, dinner at Pedro & Lola's.
Saturday   -Another Sand Castle day, with dinner at El Tunnel and the firework festival down near la playa Olas Atlas.
Sunday   -All day at la Playa Hotel, Breakfast at Ponco's, dinner at la Playa Hotel restaurant, and viewing the end of the parade down the Malecon in the evening.
Monday   -Another Sand Castle day with a trip in the evening back downtown to El Tunnel for dinner.
Tuesday 1:35PM -Morning on the beach, finish off the tequila, and head back to Denver and on to Toronto.