Kingston, Ontario Trip Apr. 10 - 15, 2003

Parliament Hill in Ottawa

I have a general breakdown of the events of each day.

Some people may wonder why I ventured to the Great White North, when the weather there is still between seasons. However my trip was not for the weather. Cold and windy as it may have been, the trip was warmed by going to see a friend. I went to see Courtney, a person with whom I started a friendship this last Christmas in Denver.  Kingston may not be the biggest or grandest city in Canada, but it has a relaxed and easy going environment without many distractions. This made it  the perfect place to work on getting to know someone better. 

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Trip Schedule break down

Thursday 3:30PM -Left Denver to fly to Kingston, Ontario.
Friday 10:00AM -Tour of Queen's University.
  12:00PM -Walked the shoreline and had lunch at a bakery.
  8:00PM -"I Hate Hamlet" play production.
Saturday 10:00AM -Rented a car in town and drove to Ottawa.
  1:30PM -Walked around the parliament buildings and saw a war protest march.
  3:30PM -Walked across a bridge to Quebec, and explored the Museum of Civilization.
Sunday 10:30AM -Went to Church.
  12:00PM -Walked over to the Royal Military Academy College.
Monday 8:00AM -Hung out at the house.
  6:00PM -Supper at a nice Restaurant.
Tuesday 10:30AM -Ferry ride to Wolfe Island.
  5:05PM -Left Kingston to fly back to Denver.