Bruce Trail, weekend/over-night/and day trips Summer 2007

Bruce Trail at the Devil's Pulpit
(Devil's Pulpit Area)

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Ball's Falls (Niagara Region)

Sunday August 5 -Ball's Falls Conservation Area. Historic mills harnessing the power of the falls. It would seem that you should think about checking out this area in the Spring if you wish to see water going over the falls.

Singhampton Caves (Blue Mountains between Shelburne and Collingwood)

Sunday July 1 -Large gaps in rock slabbs of the escarpment make for adventures navigating narrow passage ways.

As High as you can Go (Blue Mountains West of Collingwood)

Friday June 29 -Trail near old apple tree orchards, ecompassing numberious Mountatin Biking trails, and following the edge of the escarpment with views out to the Georgian Bay. Turkey Vulture watching.

Silver Creek and the Roberts Side Trail (Halton Hills)

Saturday June 16 -This area is just East of the Scottsdale farm area.

Devils Pulpit and the Hoffman Lime Kiln Ruins (Forks of the Credit)

Saturday May 12 -Drive northwest to Forks on the Credit, did an out and back traveling first uphill to the top of the escarpment and then on the way back checking out the kiln.

Grindstone Creek (Hamilton)

Saturday May 5, PM -Drive south to Hamlton, did an out and back traveling first down the creeks gully and then back up again.

Spencer Creek Gorge and The Old Duglas Station Loop (Hamilton)

Saturday Mayl 5, AM -Drive south to Hamlton, did the loop checking out both the Tews and Webster Water Falls.

Scottsdale Farm and Maureen Side Trail (Halton Hills)

Sunday April 29 -Drive out Trafalgar to the farm, traveled in an upside down figure 8.

Black Creek Side Trail (Limehouse)

Saturday April 21 -Drive to Limehouse and did the circuit twice. An old kiln is being restored in this area. Also the "Hole in the wall" which requires climbing down a ladder it in this area.