Mount Massive as seen from the campground turn off
(Mount Massive as seen from the campground turn off.)


Mount Massive Elevation 14,428ft. (Aug 11, 2001) "SouthWest Slopes" trail from north halfmoon creek TH I climbed this trail during a four day weekend. I arrived at the north halfmoon creek TH late Friday morning, rested and then climbed Mt. Massive Saturday morning. The trail that I choose was the shortest but by no means the fastest (6.2 miles with 4,450ft gain). Soon to come will be pictures and a more complete review of my trip.

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Trip Schedule break down

Friday 8:30AM -leave home (I-70 to Copper MountainSouth I-24 to Leadville
  12:30AM -arrive at North Halfmoon TH between the bases of Mt. Elbert and Mt. Massive
Saturday 6:15AM -leave the TH to climb Mt. Massive
  10:00AM -summit Mt. Massive via the ridge between South Massive and Mt. Massive peaks,
this is known as the Southwest Slopes route.
  10:30AM -take in the view from the second most highest spot in Colorado
  1:30PM -back at the TH
Sunday 9:30AM -drive into Buena Vista
  11:30AM -at Buena Vista, food, maps, shower, and ice.
  1:30PM -drive/arrive at Browns Creek TH at base of Mt. Antero
Monday 9:30AM -leave Little Browns Creek TH on Mt. Bike, climb to Colorado Trail,
ride CT about 4 miles to the South and return
  12:00PM -lunch back at the TH, drive back home the same way as I came stopping on the
North side of Climax for a photo op at Clinton reservoir.
  4:00PM -at home again.