Mount Democrat as seen from Mount Bross
(Mount Democrat as seen from Mount Bross. The Sawatch Range is in the backgound)


Mount Democrat, Mount Cameron, Mount Lincoln, Mount Bross Elevation Democrat 14,152ft. Cameron 14,243ft. Lincoln 14,291ft. Bross 14,177ft. (Aug. 10, 2002) "The Decalibron", or combination of the peaks was done in the order listed, This trail from the Kite Lake TH is a class 2 hike trail runs (7.0 miles rt. with 3,600ft.  gain). Early Saturday morning when I could not sleep I enjoyed the Meteor Shower over head in the night sky. I usually sleep in the back of my truck bed during climbs. When the weather is nice at night,  I leave  truck cover open and can see the stars all night long.  As with staying at most trail heads for fourteeners in Colorado, on the weekends people continued to arrive all night and early morning.  After watching the weather closely for the area during the previous week I new that I was in for a cold morning, and I was not let down. I awoke to frost on the truck and frozen earth, what would be mud, on the trail.

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Trip Schedule break down

Friday 3:30PM -leave home (US-285 to Fairplay, CO-9 to County Road 8.
  6:00PM -arrive at Kite Lake TH and pay a $3 dollar day parking pass.
Saturday 5:15AM -leave the TH to climb the four mountains. Mount Democrat first.
  6:30AM -summit Mount Democrat. Barely after sum rise.
  7:25AM -summit Mount Cameron.
  7:38AM -summit Mount Lincoln.
  8:15AM -summit Mount Bross.
  9:00PM -back at the TH.
  9:15AM -off to Mount Sherman.