Email sent to Mike Clark Sun, 29 Aug 1999 back

I know you where looking for places close by to bike, and thought you would like to know about this spot. I know that when I first heard someone mention deer creek canyon that I just thought of the winding pavement road, but there is open space single track trails up there too.

If you get off of C-470 onto Kipling and go south to the intersection and then west to the canyon past the traffic signal about maybe a mile? there is a sign that says, "Deer Creek Canyon: Jefferson County Open Space" and turn left, there is a curved road which as the top is a parking lot to the right which is the trail head for a number of walking and biking trails.

I did one of the trails on Saturday morning and had fun. The main trail is just a long uphill climb,
but as you get closer to the top there are a number of trails which loop around the top of the mountains up there.

Just thought I would let you know.


Two Weeks latter:

I went back and did both the Red Mesa Loop and the Plymouth Mountain Trails. Both where fairly beat up and I am looking forward to doing them again next year, hopefully with a full suspension bike.