Wedding Info, November 6, 2004

Wedding Picture
Event break down
Thursday 02/14/04 -Marriage Proposal at Chez Josephine
Thursday 03/19/04 -Engagement Party at Rod and Sue Penner's
Friday 03/19/04 -Wedding Location Search, Denver.
Saturday 03/20/04 -Engagement Party at Lawson-Cauthon.
Sunday 03/21/04 -Engagement Party at Meadow Hills.
Tuesday 03/30/04 -Wedding Plans made for Phipps Mansion on Nov. 6th.
Wednesday 06/23/04 -Wedding Photography 2 Sisters Photography
Sunday 08/15/04 -Courtney's Wedding Shower
Saturday 09/04/04 -Wedding Cake Tasting at Childs Pastry Shop Picture1 | Picture2
Wednesday 09/08/04 -Mister Neat's Formalwear View the Tux
Friday 09/10/04 -Reception Food Tasting with Phipps Catering at the Phipps Mansion
Friday 10/22/04 -Wedding Shower for Courtney
Friday 10/22/04 -Bachelor Party at the Rio Grande downtown and
  continuing up to Blackhawk, Isle of Capri Casino.
Friday 11/05/04 -Wedding Rehearsal (at the Phipps Mansion) and
  Rehearsal Dinner (at BueaJo's Pizza).
Saturday 11/06/04 -Wedding at the Phipps Mansion..
Saturday 11/06-07/04 -Honeymoon night at The Brown Palace.
Sunday 11/08-13/04 -Honeymoon in New Mexico.