New York City Trip Feb. 13-16, 2004

99 John St, New York City

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Trip Schedule break down

Friday 4:20PM -Leave Denver.
  9:50PM -Arrive in NYC.
Saturday 10:00AM -Exchanged some Valentines Gifts.
  11:30AM -Ice Skating in Central Park at the Wollman Rink.
  7:00PM -Diner at Chez Josephine's.
  9:30PM -Marriage Proposal.
Sunday 9:30AM -Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
  12:00PM -Brunch at Florent Cafe.
Monday 9:30AM -Breakfast.
  12:00PM -Lunch with Amanda and Jason at a Cafe near Grand Central Terminal.
  5:30PM -Leave NYC.
  8:00PM -Back in Denver.

Engagement Story:
During Saturday afternoon we went ice skating in central park, and then we went back to Courtney's apartment to get reading for the evening. Courtney had already made reservations for dinner at Chez Josephine a couple weeks earlier. When we left her apartment I mentioned that I had a Valentines gift for her, so I was carrying a little red gift bag with tissue paper. We took the subway to Time Square and then walked a couple blocks to the restaurant. I was white-knuckling the little red bag, because I knew there was a ring in it. Courtney noticed my tension on the subway ride and made a funny comment, "Is everything Ok?" I took a couple deep breaths and said, "Yeah, no problem." She could not figure out why I was so tense, we ride the subway all the time. She did not realized that it was little red bag that I was so nervous about, riding the subway is not problem unless you are carrying an engagement ring.

We arrived at the restaurant, and the place was better then I could have hoped for. The place was nice, had live music but not too loud, and a great atmosphere. We had dinner and then after dessert I brought out the bag for her to open. The bag was topped with about 50 small valentines cards with conversational hearts in them (the type of cards that grade school-ers give each other) at the bottom was a white card, different then the rest, so I had her pull that out as well as search and pull out a small box wrapped in blue paper (Tiffany box). She opened the white card which had written on it, "Will You" and in conversational hearts said "Marry Me". She said yes, and I had her open the blue box and pull out the ring. She then had me put the ring on her finger. It was a great experience and I can't wait to see her coming down the isle in her wedding dress to join me in marriage.