At home in our condo in downtown Toronto. (previous home)

Alley way between Richmond and Queen
(We have the condo with big open bay/terrace to the left and up.)
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Home Projects
Date Type Of Work
Move-in Projects
(Aug-Sep 2006)
painted parts of the front room and the entire bathroom; installed glassware rack; put up artwork and pictures; installed shelves in the hall closet, office closet, master bedroom and laundry room; put new lighting in the kitchen and hall entry; new bathroom hardware.
(Feb-Mar 2010)
remodelled the kitchen will all new cabinets from Ikea except retrofitting the sink cabinet. Replaced the cabinet over the refrigerator. Also added a microwave oven.
(Mar-Apr 2013)
remodelled the bathroom adding a pocket door between the bathroom and laundry. add a medicine cabinet and overhead lighting, add a tile back splash.
(Aug-Sept 2013)
added a tile back splash to the kitchen. repainted the entire main floor with two colors instead of the 5 colors previously being used.

Help Used to Make the Transition (Realtor/Agents)

Samantha Reeves -in Denver
John McGuire -in Toronto