Mountain Biking

G with new mountian bike
  • Picture of the next generation with his new mountian bike.
  • Biking is one of my many passions, and the following are the places frequented on a mountian bike. Many of the trails are part of the expansive Jefferson County Open Space trail system.
  • The Ride for a mountain bike is a S-Works StumpJumper FSR which needs a refresh. My urban bike is a Marin Muirwoods 29er with many upgrades. The Marin is a little on the heavy side and super sturdy.
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Tech Steep Name of Trail Description
** ** Alderfer / Three Sisters Park South of Evergreen. This is a nice cruisers with a climb to a peak. Think about doing the loop on the south side of the road multiple times for effect.
**** *** Apex Mountain Heritage Square. A couple of good loops, recommended counter clockwise loop riding.
** ** Buffalo Creek Pine(US285) west of Denver. Long moderate trail and fairly well maintained. Many fun loops.
** ** Chair Rock Pine(US285) west of Denver. (Opposite side as Buffalo Creek trail) A Mild trail, a bit sandy.
**** *** Deer Creek Canyon North of Chatfield Reservoir, Denver (rough FSR needed for a comfortable down hill) Biking Deer Creek Canyon
*** *** Elk Medows / Burgen Peak North of Evergreen. If you want a longer ride with lots of switch backs this is for you. Fun Climbs.
*** *** *Gold Hill Trail Between Frisco and Breckenridge, CO. Well maintained, maybe my favorite so far. lots of tree roots.
*** *** Kenosha Pass / Colorado Trail Kenosha Pass(US285) west of Denver. If you want a nice roller this is a nice ride, includes some fun bridge crossings, and watch out for tree roots. On the out-and-back ride remember that you did a lot of down hill at the have to climb back out.
*** ** Matthews / Winters Red Rock amphitheater area. A nice quick technical ride. I lot of fun on some red rock.
** ** Meyer Ranch Near Conifer off of west Turkey Creek Rd. A nice, but short trail. There are good views of Mount Evens on this trail.
*** **** Mt. Falcon Behind Morison. A good climb from the bottom parking lot or a relaxing ride on the top loops reachable from the upper parking lot. The climb contains few switch backs...1772' climb. For a longer ride try a ride from the lower parking lot up to the top and around the Parmalee loop trail.
**** *** Walker Ranch This ride just outside of Boulder runs along a very scenic river, which you end up carrying your bike down to in a couple spots. The River is crossed by the use of nice wooden bridges. The TH is farther up Flagstaff rode then I had initial thought, about 8 mile From boulder.
** * Waterton Canyon South of Chatfield Reservoir, Denver. Nice warm-up 7 miles before technical accent.
** **** White Ranch North of Golden. Depending on your choice of parking lots you can stay up on top of the hill and go for a coaster of a ride, or you have a great long uphill climb much like Falcon from the other parking lot. Although the uphill is nice, it is more of a road then single track...1740' climb.