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JAVA Help Page
This page has links to book information as well as project informational and help links. I have been working with Java over the past four years, which includes both professional work and professional training. My first Java job position was at TRW, when I was given the opportunity to put my C programming skill aside and work with Java on a research and development project. After gaining some experience with Java on the job I then moved on to a shop that was more devoted to Java technologies. I accepted a job at, where my experience with Java really accelerated. As my work at the now Cendant Retail Travel Services comes to a close I am looking forward to my next career opportunities. Over the past couple years I have work will a number of Java and Web Services technologies. The technologies that I am currently using include Servlets, RMI, JSP, JDBC, Connection Pooling, XML, Sax and Dom Parsing, Stylesheet translation of XML, and Rules Based Systems. Some of the tools that I am currently using include Eclipse, TogetherJ, XML Spy, Jakarta Tomcat, and SYBASE. As project development I have used a number of different approaches, but lately I am using XP, Agile, and TDD.

A handful of links.
Java Technologies Summary
Java Project Automation
CGI and Perl Beginners Guide
Here are link to some suggested products.
Idea Java IDE
Eclipse Java IDE
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