Denver, Spring Break Mar. 11-27, 2004

Engagement Party

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Event break down

Thursday 12:30PM -Courtney arrives in Denver.
  6:00PM -Courtney Birthday Party.
Friday 7:00PM -Drive to Silverthorne Condo.
Saturday 8:30AM -Snowboarding at Copper Mountain
Sunday 9:00AM -Snowboarding at Copper Mountain.
  3:00PM -Courtney suffers a broken arm/wrist.
  10:00PM -Back in Denver.
Tuesday 12:00PM -Courtney has surgery on her arm image1, image2, image3.
Thursday 6:00PM -Engagement party at Rod and Sue Penner's
Saturday 6:30PM -Engagement party at Cauthon-Lawson House.
Sunday 11:30AM -Engagement party at Meadow Hills.
Monday 5:30PM -"In America" movie..
Thursday 6:00PM -Watch Avs game as CB Pots.
Friday 6:00AM -Dinner in Boulder at a Tea House..
  8:00PM -"Art in Action" performance in Boulder.
Saturday 2:55PM -Courtney flies back to NYC.