Mount Sherman Summit with the Lincoln Group in the background
(On Mount Sherman Summit with the Lincoln Group in the background)


Mount Sherman Elevation 14,040ft. (Aug. 10, 2002) "Dauntless Mine Trail Head", this trail is a class 1, trail runs (3.5 miles rt. with 1,800ft.  gain). Depending on how far you wish to travel on the fourteener, or how much you can or are able to four-wheel-drive, depends on where you start your climb. I chose a halfway point, where there were other vehicles parked ahead of me and some parked behind me. After seeing a jeep up on top of Bross earlier in the day I decided to give this mountain some credit and climb from what seemed a fair starting point. At the Dauntless Mine I ran into a hiker that I had talked to on my way up North Maroon Peak two weeks earlier, he (Mike) was on his way up Mount Sherman as well. Mike was taking his family on this hike where he had left his family behind on his hike up North Maroon Peak.

I was warned from the books and other trip reports that this peak was loaded with.....people. And that was true. There was a line of people going up to the summit unlike any climb I have done before. The only climb that come close was when I climbed Mount Bierstadt. I was worried that I might have to renew my cub scouts membership if I was to make it to the top. I think that this must have been the outing for many boys/girls clubs. Also, the books mentions of the wind on the summit of Sherman; the book was right, but the wind on Bross early today takes that prize for today at least.

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Trip Schedule break down

(links included in this section go to pictures taken during the adventure.)
Saturday 9:15AM -leave Kite lake TH after climbing the Lincoln Group.
  10:15AM -leave the TH. Dauntless Mine.
  11:25AM -summit Mount Sherman.
    -rest for 20 minutes on the summit.
  12:38PM -back at the TH.