La Plata Peak as seen from Mount Elbert
(La Plata Peak as seen from Mount Elbert)


La Plata Peak Elevation 14,343ft. (Jul. 20, 2002) "Northwest Ridge" trail from South Creek TH. From this TH this class 2 trail runs (9.0 miles rt. with 4,300ft. gain). Finding the person bridge past the private property was not a problem. The trails heads up for 1000ft. then into a nice valley. The trail continues through the valley until a snow chute is reach. At this point you follow up the side of the valley wall until the ridge is gained. The trail then follows the ridge line for a while until you end up on the  west and kind or back side of the peak. The summit is reach from the west side versus the north side from which you approached the peak.

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Trip Schedule break down

Friday 4:00PM -leave home (I-70 to Copper Mountain South I-24 to Leadville
  7:00PM -arrive at the South Creek TH near Independence Pass.
Saturday 6:00AM -leave the TH to climb La Plata Peak
  10:00AM -summit La Plata Peak.
  2:00PM -back at the TH
  4:00PM -beers in the city of Twin Lake
  5:00PM -drive to South Mount Elbert TH.