Climbing Quizzes (but mostly Humor)

To start with, this section is intended to bring a little humor to the subject of climbing as well as to the people who climb. There are two quizzes, the first one was done in 2003 and the second one was done in 2004. I hope that you can get some enjoyment out of these quiz, just maybe as much fun as I had in creating them. The quizzes are intended for persons with some knowledge of Colorado Fourteeners.

Quiz One. (check the box next to the right answer, check only one per-question)
More people are killed during a Summit attempt on the: (med)
a.) way up, b.) way down.
Climbers of Colorado fourteeners, climb in the early morning: (easy)
a.) to avoid casual climbers, b.) to avoid being seen,
c.) to avoid afternoon thunderstorms, d.) so they can use there headlamps.
The Collegiate Peaks are part of what mountain range: (med)
a.) University, b.) Sawatch, c.) Front, d.) San Juan.
Mount Lincoln and Mount Democrat are in what mountain range: (med)
a.) Bear, b.) Elk, c.) Bull, d.) Mosquito.
What best describes the rock in the Elk Range: (med)
a.) crumbly, b.) solid, c.) soft, d.) gray.
What best describes the rock in the San Juan Range: (med)
a.) crumbly, b.) solid, c.) soft, d.) gray.
Capitol Peak and Castle Peak are in the: (med)
a.) same range, b.) different ranges.
Chicago, Yankee Boy, American, and Horse Shoe are all: (med)
a.) great bars, b.) mountains, c.) ranges, d.) basins.
Mount of the Holy Cross and Mount Shavano are best known for their: (med)
a.) 4x4 accessible trailheads, b.) mountain. goats,
c.) religious snow features, d.) short round trip mileage.
Pikes Peak is the: (med)
a.) tallest Colorado 14er, b.) Only 14er with a gift shop on top,
c.) most technical 14er, d.) furthest South 14er.
Crater, Kite, Maroon, and Echo are all: (med)
a.) technical climbing terms, b.) lakes, c.) colors, d.) names of famous climbers.
Which 14ers have a Trailhead with "halfmoon" in the name? (hard)
a.) Mount Columbia and Mount Antero, b.) Mount Elbert and Mount Yale,
c.) Mount of the Holy Cross and Mount Belford, d.) Mount Massive and Mount of the Holy Cross.
Ellingwood is: (med)
a.) a technical route, b.) a 14er, c.) a ridge, d.) all of the above.
Sangre de Cristo means: (easy)
a.) sand of quarts, b.) blood of Christ, c.) sand dunes of salt, d.) saints of Chirstmas.
La Plata: (easy)
a.) means "silver" in Spanish, b.) is a 14er, c.) near Independence Pass, d.) all of the above.
Castle Peak and Mount Princeton: (hard)
a.) are near hot springs, b.) are in the same range,
c.) are the same height, d.) share a common ridgeline.
Purgatory and Devil's Playground are both: (med)
a.) points on El Diente Peak, b.) ski resorts, c.) trailheads, d.) none or the above.
In Spanish, El Diente means: (hard)
a.) the wall, b.) the pit, c.) the devil, d.) the tooth.
The famous stretch of ridgeline on Capitol Peak is called: (med)
a.) the cat walk, b.) the saw tooth, c.) the razors edge, d.) the knife edge.
Blue Lake appears on what two 14er maps: (med)
a.) Sneffels and Little Bear, b.) Harvard and Columbia,
c.) Snowmass and Capitol, d.) Huron and Yale.

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Quiz Two (check the box next to the right answer, check only one per-question)
What is the correct spelling?: (easy)
a.)Uncompadre, b.) Uncompahgre, c.) Uncompagrey, d.) Uncampahgra.
Aquamarine is a Gem that is: (med)
a.) found on Lincoln Peak, b.) found on Mount Antero,
c.) the Colorado State Gem, d.) b and c.
The following are 14er/s North of I-70: (med)
a.) Longs Peak, b.) Meeker Peak, c.) Loveland Mountain, d.) a and b.
Dauntless, Camp Bird,  and Rock of Ages are all?: (med)
a.) recreation camps, b.) trailheads, c.) mines, d.) music bands.
What are the Northwest slopes of Castle Peak best known for?: (med)
a.) grassy slopes, b.) large rectangular blocks of rock, c.) many mines, d.) year around snow.
Why is San Luis Peak one of the least climbed 14ers?: (med)
a.) remoteness of trailhead, b.) difficult to climb,
c.) length of trail to the summit, d.) known for bad weather..
Put the follow in the right height order from tallest to shortest: (hard)
(1) Grays Peak (2) Blanca Peak (3) Huron Peak (4) Crestone Needle
a.) {2,4,1,3}, b.) {1,2,3,5}, c.) {2,1,4,3}, d.) none of the above.
Sunshine Peak is to Redcloud Peak as: (med)
a.) Mount Yale is to Mount Harvard, b.) lighting is to thunder,
c.) black is to white, d.) Torreys Peak is to Grays Peak.
Little Bear Peak and Mount Sherman are: (med)
a.) the same height, b.) the same "class" difficulty,
c.) in the same range, d.) assessable by the same trailhead.
Pikes Peak and Mount Evans: (easy)
a.) are in the same range, b.) have roads to the top,
c.) have weather stations on top, d.) all of the above.
Snowmass and Wilson: (med)
a.) are the same height, b.) are in the same range,
c.) are both peaks and mountains, d.) names of US Presidents.
On Sunlight Peak's ridgeline is: (med)
a.) a section known as the cake walk, b.) a point known as Sunlight Spire,
c.) a point known as Sunlight Point, d.) a section known as Sunset Crevasse.
Shavano is a Native American name from what Indian Nation?: (hard)
a.) Arapahoe, b.) Anasazi, c.) Ute, d.) Apache.
The spelling of  Shavano's Ridgeline partner peak is?: (med)
a.) Tabaguashe, b.) Tabaquache, c.) Tabaguache, d.) Tabeguache.
The two peaks on either side of Kit Carson Peak that are named after which Space Shuttles: (easy)
a.) Challenger Point and Columbia Point, b.) Atlantis Point and Discovery Point,
c.) Challenger Point and Mount Columbia, d.) Enterprise Point and Mount Defender.
As applied to mountain ranges: Capitol Peak is to Castle Peak as: (hard)
a.) El  Diente is to San Luis, b.) Wetterhorn Peak is to Windom Peak,
c.) Wilson Peak is to Windom Peak, d.) Culebra Peak is to Lindsey Peak.
Yale's Nearest Peak over 13,000ft. is : (med)
a.) Mascot Peak, b.) Mount Princeton, c.) Water Boy Peak, d.) Alumni Peak.
CFI stands for: (easy)
a.) Certified Fouteener Initiative, b.) Colorado Four-wheel-drive Incentive,
c.) Colorado Futures Incentives, d.) Colorado Fourteeners Initiative.
In Spanish, Culebra means: (med)
a.) a harmless snake, b.) a poisonous snake, c.) a cobra, d.) a couloir.
Eolus is named after the Greek God of: (med)
a.) the rain, b.) the mountains, c.) the wind, d.) the thunder.

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